Hello world!


Hello, welcome to my blog.  This blog will cover many topics, but one thing it will have in common is FOOD!  I will be perusing local bakeries, markets, and restaurants to find out what kind of food and drinks they have to offer.  I will also be testing and posting some recipes.  If it has to do with food, then I will be posting about it.

Food can be the highlight of my day or a sweet note at the end of the night.  I love trying new foods and there isn’t much that I won’t at least try.  I’m much like a garbage disposal.  There are however, a few things that come to mind when I think about the foods that I have tried and didn’t like.  Like Mince Meat Pie…I’m not even sure what’s in it, but I tried it once at Thanksgiving and I just didn’t like it.  I would try it again though, but luckily I haven’t been offered any since then.  And I tried garlic sauteed snails or escargot (fancy shmancy name).  At the time I thought it was pretty good, although in retrospect, they weren’t that good.  They were very chewy and they came from a can.  FROM A CAN!  Can you believe the audacity!!!  One more thing – raw squid.  I can’t say that I don’t like it yet…my Korean friend Lydia keeps trying to get me to eat it.  I think it’s the raw part that gets me because I like calamari.  Maybe one day Lydia 🙂

My specialty is sweets.  I was born with a sweet tooth and an iron stomach (thanks to my dad feeding me pork and bean juice when I was three months old.)  I remember that we always had the gallon tub of Maola chocolate ice cream in the fridge and I loooved my chocolate ice cream.

And cake…

I even liked other people’s cake

Or anything with sugar

Let’s face it, I’m just content to be eating.

Hope you enjoy.  More sweet posts to come!


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