Nona’s Sweets Bakery


In the past year, Nona’s Sweets Bakery has moved to a bigger location to hold more of its scrumptious goodies.  It’s conveniently located across from Duke and Grigg Hall on the UNC Charlotte Campus.  Students can trek across Tryon St. to take a break and surf the net while eating a sweet treat since they offer free Wi-Fi. They have any kind of sweet imaginable:  Cakes, pastries, cookies, doughnuts, fudge, and confections.  They even have fresh bread, I could really just live on bread alone (I LOVE it.)  Anyway, it  took me about 10 minutes just to figure out what I wanted because there is so much to choose from.  I finally decided on the Sweetheart Cake and Mini Cheesecake.

I chose the Sweetheart Cake mainly because it was so cute and petit!  It reminded me of something Alice would eat in Wonderland to grow bigger or smaller.  Unlike Alice growing in height, this could only make me grow in the waist, but it was totally worth every bite.

The Mini Cheesecake was AmAzInG!!  It was so smooth and creamy and full of flavor.  It didn’t even need any extra toppings added; it was perfect the way it was. I can’t wait to try one of the bigger ones.

My fiance got the Strawberry-Filled Doughnut and as he put it, “Now that’s a doughnut!”

Here are some other photos to enjoy.


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