This past week I finished  my website, Ashley Rowell Photography, in order to complete a Web Design Certificate. So this means it’s time open up the ChocoVine and celebrate!!! Choco-what-you-say!?!

ChocoVine is a chocolate and wine lover’s delight. It’s a combination of Dutch chocolate and fine Cabernet wine. I first came across this concoction while shopping at World Market. I was drawn to it of course, because it was chocolate, but wine too? I have to admit I was a little apprehensive, but my curiosity wouldn’t let me leave without buying it. I asked the guy behind the counter (who looked like he was 16) if anyone had said if it was good or not. He said it tasted like yoo-hoo. I mean I like yoo-hoo, but does it really taste like yoo-hoo? I held on to it for about a month, maybe longer…..partly because I was afraid of the disappointment it might bring me if it didn’t taste good. I finally worked up the nerve to try it one day. But WAIT, I couldn’t do it alone. So I invited a friend over to share my possible disappointment. I was excited, scared, nervous, mostly excited, and I took a sip. And WOW, smack in the mouth; why the hell did I wait so long before trying this!?! It’s wonderful. It actually tasted more like a chocolate martini. The ChocoVine website also has a list of cocktails that you can make with it. So lesson learned – OF course chocolate and red wine go together duh.


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