Sushi to the Rescue


Let me tell you about my day.  I was in Boris FX training (video editing mumbo jumbo) today from 9-5.  I had a Red Eye this afternoon which leaves me alert and sometimes jittery, which it did make me jittery today and is especially worse if I don’t have a snack – which I didn’t have a snack.  Following me?  Okay, so I save the Red Eyes for special occasions when desperately needed (aka the 2pm slump).  On a side note:  I think our instructor has a caffeine problem.  He had at least four tall cups of coffee yesterday and today he had three coffees and two espressos and all the while saying the coffee hadn’t kicked in yet!!!  Good instructor though.  Alright, getting back on track.  I left work around 5:30 and fought my way through horrendous stop and go traffic down I-85 to pick up my CSA from Barbee Farms.  I got home close to seven starving and despite having a fresh bountiful share of cucumbers, corn, bell pepper, peaches, and a watermelon, I was craaaaaaving sushi – specifically Koishi Sushi.  You see, my friend mentioned that she ate there earlier this week and today she posted pics on Facebook of the delicious treasures and well, that just sent me over the edge.  I gobbled down a delicious peach and justified that cooking would take just as long as it would to drive to get sushi.

Rain, U-turns, $18.00, and forty-five minutes later, happiness ensued.

Cherry Blossom -tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, avocado in soy paper, special sauce

This is a Cherry Blossom.  I tried to recreate the plate like they do in the restaurant!  This has got to be my favorite of all time!!  Unlike the typical sushi roll, this one is served slightly warm and wrapped in soy paper.  It has a slight crunch and then melts in your mouth!  It is the perfect fusion of flavors.  I LOVE Koishi.  I also had a Philly Roll.

Philly Roll


All is well with the world and my belly. 🙂


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