Mail Time!


Lookie what I got!

My future sister-in-law, Ellen, and her husband, Chuck, were kind enough to send me some Cookie Dough Larabars and a Carrot Cake Larabar after reading my post “On With the Toe Shoes.” Thanks guys!!  They are so much fun to hang out with, and I look forward to their Christmas cards each year.

Chuck is a music guru and loves to run and bike.  He is very easy-going and awesome at karaoke, as he used to be in a band in the 80’s.  Ellen is a fitness instructor.  She teaches cycle, boot camp, total conditioning, core conditioning, bodyworks, and barbell strength. You can take her classes at LifeTime Fitness Johns Creek, and LA Fitness East Cobb, and LA Fitness Holcomb Bridge in Atlanta.  You may have to call to find out which times she is teaching.

She will totally kick your booty!  You will love her!

Prepare to SWEAT

After you take Ellen’s class (and before you pass out) eat a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar.

It was love at first bite.


It is one of my favorites now.  Ingredients are cashews, dates, chocolate chips and salt.  It is a lot sweeter than the other Larabars.  So if you have a craving for a candy bar, eat this instead.  Trust me, you won’t regret it and you won’t miss the candy bar.


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  1. I love larabars. They are simply my favorite although I haven’t had the flavors that you mention. I love the cherry ones and my kids seem to like apple pie. The ingredients are so simple. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, they are usually well priced there.

    • Yes, Trader Joe’s near me has the PB Cookie, Apple Cin, and Cherry. Those are all pretty good and the PB Cookie is another one I really like. It is amazing how such few ingredients can taste so good.

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