Natty Greene’s and Campfire Mocha


A couple of week’s ago Vee and I went to Greensboro to visit with the fam.  The trip was A-OK.

Chuck and Ellen are bringing back the OK sign y’all!

We ate at Natty Greene’s Pub & Brewing Co. downtown.  Ellen got the Chicken Scoop Salad and V got the City Club.

I had the Sir Charles

No, not that kind of Charles.  This kind….

Sir Charles - Ahi tuna loin steak grilled to order and topped with sliced cucumbers, wasabi sour cream and soy glaze served on a kaiser roll.

It was good, but it had my stomach in knots later that night. 😦

After dinner, Jonathan (the one to my left, your right in the OK pic) ordered a Campfire Mocha with dark chocolate from Caribou.  It sounded sooooo delicious, but I couldn’t stuff anything else in my belly.  I did, however, try it a couple of days ago and let me tell you, it was deeelicious!

Vee and I were driving around running some errands and I got a hankering for something hot and coffee-like and I felt like something other than Starbucks.  This is when I remembered the Campfire Mocha.

As we were waiting in line, a little 8 or 9-year-old girl came up to me holding out a pink rubber bracelet and asked if I wanted half off.  I said “half off of what?!” and she said “you get half off of your drink if you wear pink!” and I said “Oh okay, thank you!”  Isn’t that just so sweet?  I did get half off and returned her bracelet after we ordered.  It made my day.

Campfire Mocha - Melted Guittard® chocolate of your choice (dark, milk or white) into steamed milk, combined with espresso and marshmallow flavor and then top with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips.

I crashed before I even finished this drink, dozing in the car.  I stumbled into my bed when we got home for a proper nap.  Drinkers beware, this drink has as much calories as a meal, even if you order it with non-fat milk.  Totally worth it though.  Loved the marshmallows.



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