Red Velvet Craze


First, there was Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Suarez Bakery

Then there was Red Velvet Donuts from Nona’s Sweets Bakery.

I'm so full of red velvet that my eyes are even turning red!

And now, I present to you…..(are you ready!)……drum roll please………….

Oh yes, The Red Velvet Waffle from Terrace Cafe.  Oh my YUMS, dessert for breakfast?  Yes please!

Topped with a cream cheese drizzle, this obviously didn’t need maple syrup.  It was soft and fluffy on the inside with a crispness on the outside.  It was AH-Mazing!  I ate three triangles and a couple of pieces of fruit.  I was so full.  An awesome Gingerbread Latte also found its way into my belly.

This place has Smores Waffles too.  Can you imagine?!



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