Filipino Goodies


More Thanksgiving recaps as promised.

I had Thanksgiving with my future in-laws on Saturday.  I always look forward to the Holidays with them because it means some good Filipino cooking by Vee’s Mom ( I mean quality family time 🙂 ).

On my plate I have an egg roll, pansit, fried rice, Monte’s stuffing, beans, and turkey.  Mrs. Emily’s egg rolls are seriously famous in my hometown.  They are stuffed with ground beef, cabbage, and carrots.  She always makes extra for family friends.  Her fried rice is delish too.  I tried to make it once.  It tasted good, but certainly wasn’t as good as hers.  Vee proclaimed “Hmmm, not bad.  You’re almost Asian baby.”

Pansit taste pretty much like fried rice except it is made with super thin rice noodles and you know the rest.

Later that night we had Miswa Soup.  OMG, love it!  It has noodles, chicken, and bok choy in it.

Quit eyein’ my soup!

Charlie and Beulah had fun running around.

And getting SPOILED!

The tree went up!

And I believe I witnessed a new Christmas tradition!  Christie and Jonathan made Christmas Balls for their Mom’s tree.  In Greensboro, there is a neighborhood that decorates all of their trees with a LOT of these balls.  It’s really a beautiful sight to see.  Now Mrs. Emily is the only one on the block in Lumberton with these pretty things.

She was so excited and couldn’t wait for it to get dark so we could see them.  We all gathered outside to watch them light up.

I love the Holidays.


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    • That’s great Tammy. The soup reminds me of a version of american chicken noodle soup. I don’t have any of the recipes right now (except fried rice), but I hope to get them soon. When I do, I will post them so that you can try them at home too!

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