A Lovely Surprise


This past weekend it snowed!  Only for around 30 minutes, but still, it was pretty.

Then I packed up and drove 3 hours to have Christmas with my brothers and Dad.

There were lots of crazy kids (my nieces and nephews) running around.  This picture makes me laugh.

We had lots of good food and my brother Kenny made us a surprise!

Doesn’t he look like Emilio Estevez?

I digress.

The surprise was our Gramma Emma’s Boiled Custard.

Our Gramma passed a few years ago, but she used to make this treat every Christmas.  It has probably been at least seven years since I’ve had it.  So it was definitely an awesome surprise.

I’ve never really heard of Boiled Custard outside of our family.  It is basically eggs, milk, and sugar heated over a double broiler and then chilled.  My Gramma would chill it in a ceramic dish, (we think) to create little ice shivers.  The taste kind of reminds me of snow cream.  My brother Stevie tasted it and said “WHOOOO, that’ll pull you right out of a diabetic coma!”

Don’t ask for the recipe because I don’t have it, and even if I did, I’m sure my family would kill me if I posted it!  You can google it and find all kinds of recipes for it though.

Here is a video of my Gramma from 2006.  It may not mean much to you, but I’m so grateful to have this little clip and to be able to hear her voice.

Have you ever tried Boiled Custard?  Does your family have a certain dish that is served every Christmas?


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