Happy Birthday


to me!  It was a couple of weeks ago, but nonetheless a memorable one.

I started out by applying for a marriage license!

How ’bout them apples?  I saw a couple walk out of the courthouse that had just gotten married and I realized how tempting it would be to throw out our wedding plans and just to the same.  We did not though.  We will patiently wait and spend gobs of money in the meantime.

A birthday is not complete without cake, so we stopped by Back in the Day Bakery for a birthday (cup)cake.

It was so adorable inside.  They had a lot of old, vintage, baking and kitchen things all around.

We got the old-fashioned cupcakes.  They were delicious.  I think I’ve said this before, but really, you can’t ever go wrong with buttercream icing.

That night, we ate at the Olde Pink House in Savannah.

Everyone was really nice.  I guess they get paid to be nice or better yet, I guess we are paying them to be nice??  Anyhow, every single person we passed by greeted us and wished us a happy stay.

We started out with a cheese & fruit plate and BBQ chicken sliders.  The cheese and fruit plate was typical; how can you go wrong with cheese and fruit?  The BBQ sliders were only okay.  We also had their special house drink, a Pink Lady.  It tasted like pink lemonade.

Our main entrees were perfect.  I had the sweet potato ravioli with oyster mushrooms, drizzled with a pecan cream sauce.  I ate every last bite, along with a side of fried green tomatoes.  The tomatoes had a very peppery breading which I liked.

Vee had a very manly fried pork chop with mac & cheese and mashed potatoes.  It was probably the most tender pork chop I’ve ever tasted.

And they found out it was my birthday. They asked if we were ready for dessert and Vee and I said no thanks because we were just way to stuffed for anything else.  So they brought us the check and cleared off our table.  Then a waiter brought over a candle and placed it at the edge of our table and placed a spoon in front of each of us.  Vee and I were exchanging glances of “what’s going on, I’m so fulllllll,” and then they brought out this:

I have to say, the whole candle thing was really dramatic and also romantic.

Thanks for a great birthday Vee!


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