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Food for the Soul


This time last week, I was at a Smashing Pumpkins concert.  Rockin’ it out old school 90’s style with my friend Jen.  They played at the Fillmore in Charlotte.  You know how the typical concert goes:  There’s pushing and shoving, the tallest people always seem to plant themselves in front of you, there’s the girl with the annoying voice and laugh that won’t shut up, then there always seems to be  someone who is either farting or has major B.O. (I hope it’s not me!)  BUT, all that instantly goes away when you hear your favorite songs and then somehow, I tend to love everyone in that moment.

Me and Jen

Pretty lights

Smashing Pumpkins


Hearing all the old songs made me think back and get sentimental about who my friends were at the time and what we were all doing.  Music was my savior going through middle and high school.  I was the typical angry teen and I have no idea what I was even angry about.  I would always come home after school and sing my little lungs out or watch MTV when they actually played music videos.  Happy days, it was Weezer.  Mad days, it was Manson.  Sad or angry days, it was Fiona Apple, Hole, or Tori Amos (I had a lot of those days.)  Secretly, it was Poison.  Deftones was always applicable any day.

Thinking back, I wanted nothing more than to be the age I currently am now (mid-late 20’s.)  All grown up and out of college, being independent and making my own decisions.  BOY, is it certainly different than I imagined!  This is not excitement in a good way.   I always used to cringe when I  heard people say “Man, I wish I was still back in high school.”  I would be thinking “There is no way in hell I’d live through that again.”  I still don’t think I would ever go back, but sometimes you don’t realize what you had until it’s gone – CAREFREE YOUTH, that is.

I am still relatively young, but I’m not getting any younger.  I realized this after the concert as Jen and I hobbled to the car with achy backs and sore feet from standing four hours straight (or maybe it’s a horrible result from having a desk job.)  Lesson learned:  It is best to be grateful for what youth you have left and live in the moment.  I also learned that I’ve been missing music in my life lately.

And now, I leave you with a photo of a smashed pumpkin…..

The story:  My roommate got this pumpkin signed by all her friends for her birthday.  It had been sitting on our balcony so long that it had caved in and creepy bugs were commanding power over it.  I took it upon myself to gleefully chuck it over our fourth floor balcony and then I rushed down to document my lovely accomplishment.  Mean? Noooooo.