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Dinner at Goat Lady Dairy


Goat Lady Dairy is located right outside Greensboro in Climax, NC,  and they host dinners at the dairy on selected dates.

We were greeted by this happy lady when we arrived.

Radish, boursin and chive tartines were passed around on the porch.

And we enjoyed this view.

It was really relaxing and peaceful to listen to all the birds, frogs, and insects.  Sometimes it’s just nice to be still and listen to nature instead of all the man-made noises that we hear on an everyday basis.  It reminded me of when I was really young and would play outside all the time.  The noise of nature was familiar to me back then, but everything seemed so new at the same time: the ants, frogs, worms, and even dirt was fascinating. When is the last time you played in the dirt or walked barefoot on the grass?

A tour of the farm started at 6:00.  Steve was our tour guide.  He is the brother of the founder of Goat Lady Dairy.  He explained that his sister was a nurse and raised goats as a hobby.  One day she decided to ride around town looking for land and two of her goats accompanied her in the car.  Obviously people noticed the goats and started referring to her as “the goat lady” and that’s how the name of the dairy came to be.  He also went on to explain how the goats are raised and cared for.

Vee and my friend Kim even got to feed baby goats!

Steve also took us around to see the garden, bee hives, and the chickens.  He talked about the importance of sustainability and how they strive to live with that in mind.  Their produce is grown organically and some of their buildings have been structured to use solar energy for power.

Dinner was prepared by Chef Charis Rose and started at 7:00 with a cheese plate.  Steve talked about the different cheese on the plate and the process while we ate.  I honestly can’t remember the details of what Steve talked about because after the first taste of cheese, I was a goner.  My thought process went something like this: ohmygodthischeeseissogoodomnomnomnomcheeseyumyummyyumcheesecheesecheeseMmmmm.

In other words, it.was.AMAZING!  My favorite was the smokey flavored goat cheese at 3:00.  Vee’s favorite was the one at 9:00, which was sweet and my second favorite.

North African Chickpea and Kale soup, which had brown sugar and allspice mixed in.  Again, amazing.  Vee is not a big fan of goat cheese and kale, but I believe this dinner changed his mind!

mixed greens with fresh thyme vinaigrette and farmers cheese

At this point we were all getting full, but had two more courses to go!
local free range chicken and shiitake pot pie

The biscuit was my favorite part, naturally.  I love bread.

I can confidently say that this is the best cupcake that I have ever eaten in my entire life. Mmm hmm seriously.  You know that show on Food Network, “Best Thing I ever Ate?” Sometimes I watch it and think about what is the best thing I ever ate and I can never really think of something that has been good enough to really declare “that is the best thing I ever ate.”  But now I can say that the Pink Peppercorn Cupcake at Goat Lady Dairy is hands down the best cupcake I ever ate.  Yes, you heard right, pink peppercorn.  Pink Peppercorn frosting paired with a rich velvety chocolaty cake.  It was spicy, sweet, and chocolaty all wrapped in one delicious treat.  Heaven, I say.

Last, but not least, they sent us home with goat cheese truffles.  I took a nibble and saved the rest for later.  It was smooth and creamy.  I think the others in my group like the truffle over the cupcake better.

It was such a pleasure to have dinner at Goat Lady Dairy and to experience slow food at its finest.  I highly recommend this experience to anyone in the area.  Their menu changes according to what is available and in season.  Please visit their website for more info!