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Wise Up


This is a sample of what I’ve been eating lately:

Baby food, yogurt, soup, mashed potatoes….thanks to having all of my wisdom teeth taken out last week.  One thing I am enjoying and taking fully advantage of, is frozen yogurt and shakes.

I’m already plotting what I hope to eat sooner than later….A way-bigger-than-my-mouth FAT juicy burger from the local neighborhood grill, a SPICY chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A (even though it gives me heart burn) and some sweet, sticky, CHEWY-licious chocolate covered caramels from Trader Joe’s (eat some for me Becca!) and some HARD @$* nuts….just because.




Frozen Yogurt Love


Frozen Yogurt is apparently making a comeback and I’m all in.

I was talking with my friend Maggie, and made the comment that we had become yogurt connoisseurs.  Maggie was the first person to introduce me to the frozen yogurt scene.  We started debating on which frozen yogurt was the best that we’ve tasted yet.  Here is my countdown starting with the least favorite.

6.  Pinkberry This particular time I had the watermelon yogurt with cucumber and watermelon.  It was okay.  I’ve also tried their chocolate yogurt.  Their yogurt taste more water based than milk based, which is why they are my least favorite.  It doesn’t seem as creamy or flavorful as the other places I’ve been too.  I’ve only been to Pinkberry two or three times and my mind is made up that I will not be going back.

5.  Fruiticup

Fruiticup is located in The Shoppes at University Place.  I had the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  Exciting, I know.  The chocolate and vanilla were good, but the strawberry tasted way too fake.

4.  Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is located inside Concord Mills Mall.  I remember the French Vanilla being awesome.  It tasted more like marshmallows.

3.  Orange Leaf

Orange Leaf had the red velvet flavor…..very good.

2.  Lovin Spoons   Lovin Spoons is a place we stopped at while in Savannah.  They had soooo many different flavors, including red velvet and cake batter!!!  I couldn’t fit every flavor I wanted to try in my cup.  This is actually a tie between Lovin Spoons and Yoforia.

1.  Yoforia

Dark Chocolate and Cheesecake Yogurt topped with Coconut, Peanuts, and Mochi

Yoforia was my first experience.  You can read about it here.  My favorite is the dark chocolate.  I’ve never been too crazy about toppings because I feel that it gets in the way of the smoothness.  Though I’ve found my favorite toppings are cherries, reeses pieces, and m&ms.

So, there you have it!  What is your favorite frozen yogurt place?